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 Asia Outdoors, Slo Pony, staff
Asia Outdoors came to life in 2006 as Slo Pony Adventures. The company was formed by Erik Ferjentsik and Onslo Carrington, two adventure-minded American certified climbing guides with backgrounds in private guiding and climbing gym operation in the US.
These close friends and business partners worked and played long hours for two years to establish the business, obtaining licensing and permissions to operate responsibly in the area. They built a small but thriving niche business for themselves and in 2009 Slo Pony Adventures splashed into the lonely planet travel guide with multiple references and excellent feedback. Since then the business has grown and diversified.
With the departure of Erik (who has returned to the US although he remains actively involved in the business) and the growth of the company, a name change seemed appropriate to reflect the increased scope of operations. Now offering school trips and team building events, Asia Outdoors is set to build and expand upon the foundations laid by Erik and Onslo.
Rock Climbing: Years of passion and determination coupled with numerous proposals, presentations, and meetings with Vietnamese authorities, have opened the doors for the beautiful sport of rock climbing in one of the most astounding geological areas in the world. Our crew of local and international climbing experts takes pride in our responsibility to manage the sustainable development, bolting, safety, maintenance, and environmentalism required for rock climbing in Ha Long Bay.
Maintaining the highest level of standards, we promote dynamic rock climbing adventures in Vietnam, while minimizing our impact on the environment and giving back in socially responsible ways. We are the information hub for beginners through professional climbers, eager to explore Ha Long Bay’s labyrinth of limestone cliffs and islands.
Adventures: Over the years, many travelers have come asking us to create new ideas for adventure travel in our area. The demand has sparked the design of new excursions such as kayaking through caves and hidden lagoons, trekking in unexplored areas, and more. Being adventurers ourselves, we strive to keep our trips authentic, fresh, and unique. We keep away from the mundane routine of strict itineraries, therefore leaving room for surprise, wonder, and exploration.
Giving Back: Our Western guides work in conjunction with Vietnamese locals, resulting in an exchange of cultures, languages, and life experiences. The trade-off is monumental, culminating in an eclectic team of well-rounded dynamic individuals. Outings with the local high school and local beach clean up days are a common manifestation of this dynamic relationship.
Asia Outdoors works hand-in-hand with Cat Ba National Park in their effort to save the critically endangered primate, the Cat Ba Langur, from extinction. Using our climbing skills, we set up rope systems for National Park zoologists and veterinarians to access the homes of the Langurs in caves high on the limestone cliffs and mountains of Cat Ba Island. With our help the National Park can now tag, study, and monitor these extremely rare and exotic monkeys in a way previously unthought-of.
Our mission in Vietnam is to offer travelers a unique experience using the natural environment in a sustainable way. We measure our success through the positive influence we have on others and the minimal impact we leave on our surroundings. All this is achieved through the most important value we embody everyday... having fun!
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all except Onslo, Matthew, Thanh, Chris: Asha Agnish,
Thanh: Seth Rubin